Monday, April 03, 2006

Available now! The Works of Philo in Greek!

The Works of Philo in Greek are now available for non-commercial use with PalmBible+, thanks to the kind permission of Kåre Fuglseth and the Norwegian Philo Concordance Project.

The Greek file (z_philo-g.pdb) contains most of the Greek texts attributed to Philo (some are not included due to copyright restrictions, as detailed in the README). I have also included a public domain English translation of Philo by Yonge - this version will scroll in parallel with the Greek text. (Unfortunately because of differences in set up, the Greek text will not scroll correctly with previously released versions of the English translation of Philo.)

To download, go to, and agree to the conditions of use.

Webmasters, please DO NOT host the Philo files on your own site. Only link to the conditions of use page.


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